Welcome to the SDSA Blog Posts

Welcome to the SDSA Blog. My primary goal is to guide pre-sales engineers in their journey to a direct professional selling role. This transformation starts with positive mentoring that increases sales acumen from every perspective. Not to be exclusive, if you’re already a salesperson and simply wish to improve your performance you are equally welcomed.Continue reading “Welcome to the SDSA Blog Posts”

Market Analysis

It is important for you to understand your market’s sweet-spot and to dedicated time in order to remain current. The market is like the ocean it’s a bit unpredictable and it’s not afraid to blaze new trails without your permission. The market determines what your product sells for and what Customers are willing to payContinue reading “Market Analysis”

Internal Competition

A form of competition can also come from inside your company. The solutions that you sell need to be designed, developed and supported by your company in order for you to be successful. Your company may decide that it’s more important for them invest in products other than the ones you are selling. Keep trackContinue reading “Internal Competition”

Conversion Rate

You need to know what percent of your opportunities actually translate into a sale. If you find yourself with a lower than desirable percentage then you need to increase the top of your pipeline (add more opportunities). The desirable percentage is normalized by your ability to retire to your quota. Make sure that you andContinue reading “Conversion Rate”

Sales Acumen

A good idea that can’t be sold is a bad idea.  Improving your sales acumen will help you maintain better sales planning. In sales, “better” refers to growing sales revenue faster. Understand what works and what doesn’t work for you. Adjust what you can and escalate to your manager the things that you can’t. It’sContinue reading “Sales Acumen”

Happy New Year – 2022

Let’s start this new year with a powerful commitment to setting meaningful goals and exceeding them. My goad this CY-2022 is to continue to grow the Sales Academy by helping Engineers make the transformation to Sales. If you have a particular hurdle that is preventing you from completing the transformation, post them here and letContinue reading “Happy New Year – 2022”

Forecasting vs Anticipation

Many salespeople ask me why their manager always scrutinizes their forecasted pipeline? Good question. If your forecast is less than 70% accurate, then it becomes less of a forecast and more a wish list; wish lists are primarily supported by active anticipation and not measurable metrics. Your manager is also scrutinized by their manager onContinue reading “Forecasting vs Anticipation”

Technical Sales Training for Engineers

So your are an engineer wondering why “selling” is important to me or my team? After all, you’re thinking, engineering is about architectures, designs, solving problems, building it better, and supporting your solutions. You are correct in your logic and reason, but there is one simple catch – you need to sell your plans, ideas,Continue reading “Technical Sales Training for Engineers”