Solution Positioning

Understanding how to position your solution in the market and against the competition is essential to your success.   Do the research and understand your situation better than your competition. The more you understand the better are your odds of winning, but you need to move fast at all times. Understand your internal success process andContinue reading “Solution Positioning”

Market Analysis

It is important for you to understand your market’s sweet-spot and to dedicated time in order to remain current. The market is like the ocean it’s a bit unpredictable and it’s not afraid to blaze new trails without your permission. The market determines what your product sells for and what Customers are willing to payContinue reading “Market Analysis”

Internal Competition

A form of competition can also come from inside your company. The solutions that you sell need to be designed, developed and supported by your company in order for you to be successful. Your company may decide that it’s more important for them invest in products other than the ones you are selling. Keep trackContinue reading “Internal Competition”