Customer Experience

We all talk about it, regard it as the benchmark to excellence, but do you mean it? Is your Customer’s Experience equivalent to your Selling Experience, if not, work that into your strategic sales plan. Improving the Customer’s experience of your “sales process” is important because it helps you: Overall, improving the customer experience isContinue reading “Customer Experience”

Handling Stress

If you are feeling mentally or physically challenged seek immediate professional help. We all handle stress differently, but its something that needs to be conquered in order to deliver outstanding consistent results. Remain curious and willing to find a solution that gets you over the finish line before time runs out. Wake up … getContinue reading “Handling Stress”

Solution Positioning

Understanding how to position your solution in the market and against the competition is essential to your success.   Do the research and understand your situation better than your competition. The more you understand the better are your odds of winning, but you need to move fast at all times. Understand your internal success process andContinue reading “Solution Positioning”