The San Diego Sales Academy (SDSA)

Welcome to SDSA

The San Diego Sales Academy (SDSA) website is dedicated to mentoring and training early career sales professionals that are committed to improving their selling skills and sales acumen through a series of practical steps that require hard work and commitment.

What’s the difference between mentoring and training, you may ask? Training is about teaching specific skills or knowledge, while mentoring is about providing guidance and support to help someone grow and develop.

develop your potential
put your gears in motion

A mentorship engagement will help you find the positive direction that propels your sales acumen to the next level.

Sales training will help develop your selling skills.

start training today
sales training leads to success

Please email me with what goals and skills you would like to achieve and let’s start today.

A donation to maintain this site and to continue to defray the cost of providing strategic professional services is always appreciated.

Thank You !

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Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


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