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Welcome to the SDSA Blog. My primary goal is to guide pre-sales engineers in their journey to a direct professional selling role. This transformation starts with positive mentoring that increases sales acumen from every perspective. Not to be exclusive, if you’re already a salesperson and simply wish to improve your performance you are equally welcomed. I personally went through this transformation about 30 year ago, and to this day it continues to provide very good income and a deep sense of personal fulfillment and achievement. I have created a series of blog topics that are fundamental to the sales process and align with key mentoring topics and training modules that may become available at a future date in standard time.

Please allow 24-72 hours for review and final posting. Please note that this Blog is reserved to SDSA clients and is not intended to be a generic networking blog.

A mentorship qualification session, at no charge, lets you decide how to advance your sales acumen. I appreciate your interest in the Sales Profession and I look forward to your inputs such that we all become better sooner. When in doubt: “commit to nothing … deliver everything”

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Dive In

When assigned a new territory, you need to dive in without much to go with other than your belief in yourself that you can make it happen. If you wait for the right time the opportunity will pass you by. Think like someone that sees a drowning child in the lake, jump in and make it happen. There will be plenty of time to asses and refine your approach but don’t waste time thinking it over.

Objection Handling

The sales process is laden with objections. View objections as helpful clues to closing the opportunity. Make sure to reflect the necessary changes in our sales plan and forecast status. Pay particular attention to objections that require functional modifications to your solution. Don’t shy away from objections, embrace them and collectively work with your Customer and your organization to arrive at an acceptable alternative.

What’s Happening

A common question that you need to be able to answer quickly in a positive manner per opportunity. Expect this question from the various internal resources that you are depending on to close the opportunity. The harder this becomes the less likely the opportunity becomes a win for you. The answers to this simple question should guide you to a successful close. Timing … Value … Challenges & Solutions matter.