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Welcome to my blog. Hopefully your day is going well. My goal is to mentor and train early career minded sales professionals, in a positive direction, such that it propels their career to the next level. The path to a successful professional sales career is exciting but it takes hard work and dedication. Success requires that you have simple setups that improves visibility into your sales process. Success setups vary over time, but their basic constructs can be recognized through effective mentorship sessions. Sales training provides you the tools to understand how to repeat success. I entered the role of a professional salesperson about 30 year ago, and to this day it continues to provide very good income and a deep sense of personal fulfillment and achievement.

I have created a series of blog topics that are fundamental to the sales process and align with key mentoring topics and training modules. Training modules are custom created for each individual based upon personal background and desired goal. My primary goals are simple – live to win and win to live.

A mentorship qualification session, at no charge, lets you decide how to advance your sales acumen. I appreciate your interest in improving your sales acumen and I look forward to working with you. When in doubt: “commit to nothing … deliver everything”

Published by Alan Gehami

Over 25 years of professional complex B2B sales in the telecom industry. Look forward to meeting motivated people that appreciate the value of hard work and its positive impact.

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