Developing Discipline

Discipline – Discipline is one of the most important personality traits in everyone’s life. It refers to a set of rules and regulations which are to be followed while undergoing any task or activity. It is a way of being honest, hard-working, motivated, and encouraged while doing any task.

As a sales professional you need to work on developing internal discipline everyday. It’s not for everybody, but it does spawn a trail of repeatable sustainable success. Sustainable, why, because it forms the foundation for repeatable success strategies.

I am in the process of creating a new video that addresses how I continue to develop discipline in order to attain new levels of satisfying and repeatable success tracks. It’s not easy, but it’s has paid endless dividends for my me.

Published by Alan Gehami

Over 25 years of professional complex B2B sales in the telecom industry. Look forward to meeting motivated people that appreciate the value of hard work and its positive impact.

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