Sales Plan

Build your sales plan and keep it current by periodically reviewing it with your manager and other resources that your sales plan depends on. It’s important for your sales plan to be reflected in your forecast to your manager with a set of resources required to win your opportunities. Stay focused on a rolling 90-30-7-1Continue reading “Sales Plan”

Conversion Rate

You need to know what percent of your opportunities actually translate into a sale. If you find yourself with a lower than desirable percentage then you need to increase the top of your pipeline (add more opportunities). The desirable percentage is normalized by your ability to retire to your quota. Make sure that you andContinue reading “Conversion Rate”

Sales Acumen

A good idea that can’t be sold is a bad idea.  Improving your sales acumen will help you maintain better sales planning. In sales, “better” refers to growing sales revenue faster. Understand what works and what doesn’t work for you. Adjust what you can and escalate to your manager the things that you can’t. It’sContinue reading “Sales Acumen”