Customer Experience

We all talk about it, regard it as the benchmark to excellence, but do you mean it? Is your Customer’s Experience equivalent to your Selling Experience, if not, work that into your strategic sales plan. Improving the Customer’s experience of your “sales process” is important because it helps you: Overall, improving the customer experience isContinue reading “Customer Experience”

Objection Handling

The sales process is laden with objections. View objections as helpful clues to closing the opportunity. Make sure to reflect the necessary changes in our sales plan and forecast status. Pay particular attention to objections that require functional modifications to your solution. Don’t shy away from objections, embrace them and collectively work with your CustomerContinue reading “Objection Handling”

What’s Happening

A common question that you need to be able to answer quickly in a positive manner per opportunity. Expect this question from the various internal resources that you are depending on to close the opportunity. The harder this becomes the less likely the opportunity becomes a win for you. The answers to this simple questionContinue reading “What’s Happening”

Happy New Year – 2022

Let’s start this new year with a powerful commitment to setting meaningful goals and exceeding them. My goad this CY-2022 is to continue to grow the Sales Academy by helping Engineers make the transformation to Sales. If you have a particular hurdle that is preventing you from completing the transformation, post them here and letContinue reading “Happy New Year – 2022”